Shiny App exploring NYC Civilian Complaints about the NYPD

This Shiny app provides an interactive tool to visualize the impact of body cameras on civilian complaints against the NYPD before and after the 2017 NYC policy that requires the NYPD to release all body cam footage of incidents involving force which ended in injury or death has changed.

This project was a group project with Eleni Partakki and Elisabeth Nesmith for the Spring 2021 Smith College Visual Analytics course. My area of focus was the Precinct tab (tab 3), where I created a reactive leaflet map and a searchable and sortable table. In addition to R and Shiny as the primary frameworks, I used HTML, Google Sheets, and GPS visualizer along with the primary data source from ProPublica and Precinct data scraped from the NYPD website.

You can look at the code and read more about it in the GitHub repo here and visit the deployed app here.

Posted on:
May 30, 2021
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